LG LCD TV Problems

Updated April 01, 2017

LCD televisions are exceptionally popular choices in both homes and businesses due to their ability to fit anywhere, or even be hung on a wall. LG, a maker of LCD televisions, manufactures millions of both standard-definition and high-definition sets each year. If you own an LG LCD television, then it is possible that at some point in the television's life you will run into a problem with it.

Dead Pixels

LG LCD televisions, like many other LCD televisions, will often have dead pixels appear on the screen. A dead pixel is a pixel on your television screen that is no longer able to get a signal from the television itself, and will be visible as a white light or small multicoloured square that doesn't fit with the image on your screen. Dead pixels are costly to fix and require your set to be seen by a professional television repair person.

Video Noise

Many LCD television owners report seeing video noise or lines on their televisions while it is in use. LCD televisions can pick up signals from electronics that might be powered on around them as well as some battery operated devices such as children's toys. If you see video noise on your set, try powering off things such as your vacuum cleaner and microwave (if they're in use nearby) and see if that corrects the problem.

Fuzzy Picture

Many LG LCD television owners report getting a fuzzy or out of focus picture. The fuzzy picture is often just due to a loose cable on the back of the set. If your picture doesn't look as good as it usually does, check to make sure your cables are connected securely.

Broken Remotes

Some LG LCD owners have reported problems with the remote controls included with their television or their cable remotes. In some cases, the added light from your LCD television may make it difficult for your remote to connect with the set. Contact your cable provider or LG about the problem. In most instances, they can provide you with a silver sticker for the remote that will help eliminate the issue.

Unexpectedly Turning Off

Many LG LCD television owners have reported a problem where their television will power itself off or will only work for short periods of time. The problem usually occurs in brand new televisions and requires the television to be sent to LG or your local electronics repair shop to be repaired.

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