Where to recycle old analog TVs & computer monitors

Updated July 19, 2017

With technology booming and the discovery of high definition television and computing, the need for old analogue televisions and old computer monitors has passed. Newer flat screen monitors and flat screen televisions have flooded the market and, as they become cheaper, our old electronics fall by the wayside. With this change in technology comes the issue of disposing of our old gadgets. Here are a few ways to effectively and properly dispose of your old computer monitors and old analogue televisions.

Importance of Recycling

There are certain things that we use and dispose of in our landfills and garbage centres that do not biodegrade or are hazardous to the environment when broken apart. Unfortunately some of the worst things to fill our waste centres are old analogue televisions and computer monitors. These electronics are made up of complex pieces and small tubes that contain hazardous gasses which makes it difficult to dispose of them. By getting rid of your electronics properly, you can help to keep mother nature safe and our landfills from filling up on non-biodegradable products.


G-Cycling is a simple and effective way of getting rid of those old analogue televisions and computer monitors. G-Cycling was founded by the video game television network G4 as an attempt to help better our mother earth by finding a place for all of those old gadgets. G4 partnered itself with the Environmental Media Association (EMA) and came up with a list of G-cycling approved centres all around the United States (see G-Cycling in References).


Free-Cycling is another clever way to dispose of unwanted computer monitors and analogue televisions. Free-Cycling was developed as a member group and helps to connect people who want to rid their homes of certain items with people that would like to have them. In other words, you can Free-Cycle your old electronics and feel the joy of knowing they are going to someone who is less fortunate or someone who is in desperate need of a certain item. To find a Free-Cycling centre near you, see Free-Cycling in the References section.


If you don't want to bother with recycling your analogue television or computer monitor then perhaps donating it is a good choice. Try donating your items to your local Goodwill Store or your local Salvation Army (see References). Not only will you be getting rid of those unwanted items but you'll feel good to know that you are helping those who are unable help themselves.

Be Artistic

Sometimes creativity can strike in the most unnatural of places. Instead of throwing out those old analogue televisions or computer monitors, why not take a crack at doing something artistic with them? Some people have gone the route of turning their computer monitors and televisions into aquariums. There have been many forms of art that make use of old parts and vintage technologies, so feel free to express yourself!

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