Where can I donate old furniture?

Updated April 17, 2017

Your unwanted bed could give a battered woman a place to rest in a local shelter, an old table could be part of the set of a school play or a bookshelf could help a struggling family furnish a new home. Donating your unwanted furniture does a considerable amount of good for your community. There are many ways to contribute to individuals, families, and charitable organisations.

Have a Charitable Organization Pick It Up

Some charitable organisations will come to your home to pick up your furniture donations. Contact your local Goodwill or Salvation Army to see if furniture pickup is available. If not, the Vietnam Veterans of America will likely pick up your unwanted furniture.

When you receive notice that a group will pick up donations, remind the group that you're donating a large item or multiple items. This ensures the group uses a proper size vehicle when picking up the item, such as a bed, or items, such as canned goods or clothing.

Donate to a Shelter

Shelters that help homeless families and battered women are many of the organisations that accept furniture donations. They also accept clean clothing and unopened foods. Your local United Way chapter can steer you toward shelters in your area.

Donate Online

The Internet, with web sites like craigslist, has made donating items easier than ever. Not only can you post a bulletin that you are donating furniture, but you can also donate other items, such as clothing, games and appliances. In addition to donations, you can also swap unwanted items.

Donate Your Unwanted Furniture to the Arts

Have you ever wondered where low-budget plays get the furniture for their sets? Mostly, through donations. Schools, churches and theatre groups can't usually afford to buy furniture for their sets. Help them out by donating an old couch, a table or some background appliances. Contact local organisations and schools to see if they need any items for their productions.

Leave Unwanted Furniture for the Neighbors

If you can't get rid of your furniture by other means, your only option may be to leave it on the curb. If it is still in decent, usable condition, someone will drive by and pick it up. This happens in neighbourhoods of every class and ethnicity. Chances are, someone will find a home for your unwanted stuff.

Donate to an Independent Organization

There are many smaller organisations that help the less fortunate, such as Furniture Bank. If you choose to donate to this organisation, your unwanted furniture will be given to struggling families trying to make a fresh start.

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