How much does a limo cost to rent?

Updated March 23, 2017

The prices of renting a limo vary from company to company. Factors that affect cost include the fleet of the company, the number of rental hours, the time of year and the mileage.

Limo Makes

A company with limos that are more up-to-date will have higher prices. Cadillac, Hummer and Chrysler 300 limos are more expensive than a standard Lincoln limo. The year of the limo also determines the rate. Older limos will be less expensive.

Passenger Size

The smaller the limo, the cheaper it will be. Limo sizes range from eight-passenger all the way up to 50-passenger motor coaches.

Hours of Rental

Cost for limos depends on the number of rental hours. Companies usually require a minimum of three hours. For special rentals, such as a motor coach, the minimum may be four hours. The season also determines the minimum rental hours. For example, during prom season, a company may require you to rent for a minimum of six hours. The prices for the day of the week will vary. If you rent on a weekday, rental rates may start as low as £48 an hour, depending on the vehicle you rent. Weekend rates jump significantly.

Rental Event

The type of event for which you need a limo affects cost, too. Wedding rentals may be cheaper than for a birthday party because wedding parties typically rent more than one limo and for more hours. So to accommodate the customer, a company may offer deals for the more limos you rent.

Other Costs

Mileage also factors into hourly rates. If you are being dropped off at a location and picked up, you will not have a mileage fee. But if you plan to ride around and pick up guests from different locations and visit different spots, mileage fees may be added. Other fees include decorations, food and beverages stocked in the limo bar, as well as tips for the driver.

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