How Much Do Limo Rentals Cost?

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For special occasions like a wedding or birthday, renting a limo not only provides safe transportation but adds a touch of glamour to the event. The cost to rent a limo varies depending on several factors.

Type of Vehicle

The term limo covers a wide array of different types of vehicles. A typical limo is an extended version of a common luxury car and seats six to eight passengers. These vehicles, on average, end up costing about £13 per person per hour. Other options, like stretch Hummers or party buses, hold two to three times as many people and cost on average £6 per person per hour, according to

Number of People

Many limo companies charge by the hour, rather than per person, so the more people you have contributing to the total cost, the lower the cost per person. Although larger limos like Hummers cost more per hour, they also hold more people, dropping the price per person.

Hours Used

Because most limo companies charge by the hour, the number of hours used determines the final cost of rental. According to Cost Helper, many limo companies also offer packages for weddings, proms and other events that include a certain number of hours for a reduced price. A four- to six-hour limo rental for a prom or wedding runs on average £260 to £390.

Day of Week

The day of the week also affects the cost of renting. Midweek rentals often cost significantly less than weekend rentals because of low demand midweek, according to Limousines of America.


Extras like gas surcharges and driver tips are not included in hourly or package rates, according to Gas surcharges vary, and the standard tip for a driver is between 18 and 20 per cent of the total cost. Some companies also offer other extras, like drinks, decorations and flowers, at an additional cost.

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