DHT Blocker Side Effects

DHT blockers are found in a range of products that prevent hair loss and thinning hair. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, which is found in the hormone testosterone and has been linked to causing hair loss. DHT blockers are found in shampoos and over-the-counter medications to prevent DHT from forming. However, before you use DHT blockers you should find out about any potential side effects.


DHT blockers were developed as supplements for men suffering from male pattern baldness. Manufacturers of DHT blockers claim that the drug supports prostate health as well, including prostate enlargement. Popular producers of DHT blockers are Nu Hair, Natrol and Shen Min.


It is possible that sexual function will be affected by taking DHT blockers. Because DHT blockers inhibit the production of DHT, the man may experience a decreased sex drive.


Other possible DHT blocker side effects are problems burning fat and tenderness in the chest. Some men may experience breast growth while taking a DHT blocker, especially if on the drug for a prolonged period. In some cases, DHT blockers can also affect the results of lab work when measuring hormones for prostate health. Make sure you let your doctor know you are taking the supplement.


Many of the companies that make DHT blockers claim that there are no known side effects of the product. Although side effects are rare and typically mild, a person can still suffer from them while taking the drug. You must also consider the additional ingredients found in DHT blocker products and any side effects they might cause.


If you experience any side effects of DHT blockers, you should stop taking the product and consult your physician immediately. Many of the claims made by DHT blocker manufacturers have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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