What Is the Meaning of Jade Stone Pendants?

Updated February 21, 2017

Jade is a green gemstone that is said to have a host of different meanings, depending on the mindset of the person wearing it. Two gemstones are called jade: jadeite and nephrite. China, Guatemala and Russia are home to both gems. Myanmar is rife with the finest jadeite, while New Zealand and the Swiss Alps have a fair share of nephrite. Jade pendants can mean a number of things, depending on the intent of the person wearing it.


Jade pendants have long been used as a powerful magnet for love, especially when the stone is carved into the shape of a butterfly. The origin of this use can be traced back to a Chinese legend in which a young man is chasing a butterfly and inadvertently ends up in some rich fellow's yard. Although the youth expects to be reprimanded for trespassing on the wealthy man's land, he instead is given the hand of the wealthy man's daughter in marriage.


Another major use for jade pendants is to attract money into your life. The jade can be carved into any shape for this purpose, although a jade tiger is a popular one. The pendant can be worn around the neck and taken off and held in the hand for extra power during important business transactions or while imagining yourself surrounded by wealth.


In addition to drawing love and money into your life, jade can bring a boost to your brain. When worn regularly, jade is said to contribute to clear thinking, acute awareness and sharp reasoning skills.


While it's bringing you love, money and a clear head, jade can also serve to protect you. Think of it as forming a protective shield against car crashes, falling down the stairs and other mishaps that may befall you all too often. For best results with protection, place the jade between two purple candles and light them for a few minutes. This gives the jade the protective qualities it needs to pass them on to you.


Just as jade boosts your brain, it can also work as a soothing tool for the rest of your body. Those who suffer from psychosomatic or mental issues will benefit most, as will those with upset stomach or heart and kidney problems. The calming green colour alone is enough to immediately begin the healing process.

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