Types of Flower Frogs

Updated November 22, 2016

Flower frogs come in a variety of designs and styles that are meant to hold cut flowers in place for an arrangement. According to Bonnie Bull of Flower Frog Gazette website, flower frogs reached their popularity in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. Flower frogs are also referred to as flower holders, flower bricks, floral arrangers and flower blocks. Still utilised, as of 2011, for do-it-yourself artistic floral arrangements, flower frogs have been replaced by floral foam in the commercial florist arrangements.


Flower frogs that consist of sharp metal vertical needles, sometimes called pins or spikes, that are attached to a heavy metal base are referred to as needle flower frogs or pin flower frogs. Needle flower frogs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, with most being round. The style works well for thick-stemmed flowers, but the frog may need to be secured with florist's clay to the bottom of the vase to avoid tipping with the weight of the flowers. Needle flower frogs are ideal for Ikebana type and other vertically displayed flower arrangements.


Different styles of metal flower frogs are available with a basic design of holes to stick the flower stems in; these holes hold the stems in place. The metal flower frog can be as simple as a wire type mesh that is shaped in a dome, to a fancy metal cast figure with holes for the stem. Some metal flower frogs are only a piece of heavy metal with holes that are elevated on a base of metal. You can create your own wire metal flower frog by meshing chicken wire into a ball and securing it to the bottom of the container with florist's clay.


Glass flower frogs are similar in design to metal frogs with holes to support the placement of the flower stems. Glass frogs are much heavier than metal frogs and will be able to stay in place without assistance. Glass flower frogs often are made in figurative shapes to be used in glass vases and containers so the frog itself can be viewed and becomes part of the floral arrangement.


Ceramic flower frogs can be similar to glass, shaped as figures with holes, and as heavy. In addition, ceramic flower frogs can also be a vase-type container for water and a frog combination by having a lid-type top that has holes for flower stem support. Almost all ceramic flower frogs are glazed and many are highly decorative.

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