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Updated April 17, 2017

While MAC Cosmetics does not have its own instruction program, MAC does offer special events, benefits and master classes to students enrolled in many schools of make-up artistry or performing arts. This article details what students can expect when they join the MAC PRO Student Program.

Student Benefits

Student benefits include a 10 per cent discount off MAC products, the ability to take MAC-specific master classes in make-up artistry, participation in in-store events, access to the MAC PRO website and the ability to purchase special student make-up kits.

Eligible Schools

Cosmetic and performing arts schools in the U.S. and around the world enable their students to participate in the official MAC PRO Student Program. Eligible schools in the United States and Canada are listed on the MAC PRO Student Program website (find the link below).

Enrolment in the MAC PRO Student Program

Membership costs £6 and lasts six months. The student fee is payable by check, money order or credit card. To apply, students must provide current proof of enrolment in an eligible school. Eligible students can download an application for the program on the MAC PRO Student Program website.

Student Kits

Special student kits are available for PRO student members only in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. These kits, worth hundreds of dollars, are not included in the student fee. However, members of the MAC PRO Student Program get a significant discount on the kits.

While this article can't give explicit details on what the current kits include, a forum at the MAC cosmetics fan site offers two lists of items that were included in student kits in years past. Please use these lists as general examples only.

MAC PRO student colour kits have included:

MAC briefcase Clear lip gloss 5 face-and-body foundations Invisible set powder 4 select cover-up concealers Blush palette case 7 blush pans 7 lipsticks 4 lip pencils Eye shadow palette case 15 eye shadow pans 5 eye kohls Coal Black Pro Lash

MAC PRO student tool kits have included:

Brush clutch Brow comb Powder/blush brush Large powder brush Foundation brush Concealer tools Fluff brush Tapered blending brush Shader/large shadow brush Small angle brush Lip brush (covered) Universal tweezer Large round sponge Lash curler

Visit the MAC PRO Student Program website for more information on how to order the student kit online or by phone.

Benefit Restrictions and Caveats

Different markets offer different benefits. For instance, international discounts on supplies and student kits may vary from those in the U.S. While all students in all areas can receive program benefits, certain benefits may only be available at an additional cost. Students should note that space and supplies may be limited, so there could be a waiting period. Membership fees are not refundable.

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