Tonsillolith Cure

Updated November 21, 2016

Tonsilloliths, also known as tonsil stones, are the build-up of bacteria and food particles that form "stones" on your tonsils. As bacteria, particles, food, and other materials build up in the back of your throat, the tonsilloliths grow; they can become as large as a marble. They are often painless though you may feel as if you have something stuck in your throat. The most common symptom of tonsilloliths is chronic bad breath.

Gargle With Salt Water

At the early stages of tonsillolith formation, it may be possible to cure them by simply gargling with salt water to remove the bacteria and other debris from your throat. Gargling with salt water will also provide some relief if you are feeling discomfort or pain from the tonsillolith. If you do not see results after gargling, there are other methods to try.

Use a Tooth Brush

If your tonsilloliths are not matured, large or hardened, you may be able to brush them away with your toothbrush. Do not use so much force that you cause pain or bleeding, but gently brush the back of your throat to try to clear any debris and bacteria that may have accumulated there.

Laser Surgery

If your tonsilloliths do not clear up with gargling and brushing, it is best to see a doctor for treatment. The doctor may recommended removing your tonsils or may just remove the tonsillolith. Surgery may be necessary if the tonsilloliths have grown too large to remove easily, or if they are a recurring problem. Once the tonsils are removed, debris will be less likely to accumulate in the back of your throat, and the problem should not recur.

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