Liver Cleansing With Epsom Salts

If your liver is unhealthy, every other organ in your body can be adversely affected. Cleansing your liver can restore it to health and relieve the symptoms you may be suffering. The main ingredient in liver cleansing recipes is usually Epsom salts. Read on to learn more about how this substance helps cleanse the liver.


Aside from cleansing your liver of gall stones, a number of conditions can be eased by cleansing the liver with Epsom salts. Just getting rid of the gallstones, for example, significantly improves digestion along with the discomfort or even pain that is often associated with a digestive system that is not functioning properly. Other conditions that it may relieve include food allergies, sleep problems, menstrual problems, vision problems, headaches, depression, and muscle aches and strains.


Before cleansing, you should get rid of parasites in your system, because a liver with parasites cannot be cleansed. For this reason, it is important to get on a parasite maintenance program to rid your system of all the parasites before you begin the process of liver cleansing with Epsom salts. Consult with your doctor or other licensed health care provider to recommend or get you on a suitable program.

Eat Beforehand

Your liver needs to be full of bile for liver cleansing with Epsom salts to be effective. This causes pressure to build up to a level sufficient enough to help flush out all the stones and other unnecessary substances from the liver--the more the bile, the higher the pressure. For this reason, it is important to eat two fat-free meals before cleansing, preferably of fresh, uncooked, natural foods such as raw fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water, preferably distilled, and avoid animal products.

Expert Insight

The Natural Path (See Resources below) provides a complete, comprehensive plan for liver cleansing with Epsom salts. It involves a 24-hour overnight fast and the use of an intestinal tract purge that is formulated from Epsom salts and an oil-juice combination of olive oil and fresh grapefruit juice. Valerian or L-ornithine capsules are recommended if you have difficulty sleeping.


Initially, you may need to repeat the cleansing process every 2 weeks until all the stones have been flushed from your system. If you only cleanse once and are not able to get rid of all the stones, you might feel better at first, but the symptoms will reappear after just a few days. Thereafter, liver cleansing with Epsom salts should be carried out twice a year. In the meantime, you can take milk thistle to help rejuvenate your liver.

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