How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost?

There is no set standard when it comes to the price of a personal trainer. They all have different fees and different reasons for setting those fees. There is, however, some helpful information available when shopping around for a trainer. And you should always consider the trainer's qualifications in determining whether the price charged is worth it.


The price for a personal trainer has many determining variables. Some of these include background, experience, client history, attitude and perhaps the most significant, reputation.


The function of a personal trainer is to take a personal interest in someone's health in the hopes of creating positive changes, both physical and mental. Trainers are also expected to have a good understanding of how the bodywork and be knowledgeable in the area of nutrition.


There are many different certifications that a personal trainer can hold. Some of the more reputable ones are ACSM, ACE, NASM and NSCA. These credentials often carry merit for the amount of money charged.

There are also two types of trainers that charge very different prices. These are the on-site trainer and the floor trainer. On-site trainers come to someone's home or office and train clients right on the spot. A floor trainer works in a gym atmosphere. There are some who do both.

The floor trainers also have a few classifications that typically allow for charging different fees. There is the Personal Trainer, the Advanced Trainer and the Master Trainer, with prices being progressively higher with each classification.


Generally speaking, there is no set price for personal trainers. It really depends on where they are training and how long they've been doing it. For example, expect to pay more for a trainer with 10 years' experience than a person who just got certified. This goes for both the gym location or on-site.


Under most circumstances, health clubs charge people for training and they sub out their trainers, who get a flat rate or a commission. This price varies depending on the gym. Upscale gyms can charge from £48 to £78 per session. Then some gyms in outlying or smaller areas charge £26 per session. It depends on the demographic. Bigger cities like New York and L.A. are always on the higher end.

Another thing to note about price is that gyms always have package deals available. In essence, the bigger the package the bigger the discount. These are usually bought in increments such as 10 sessions, 20 and even 50-pack sessions.

When choosing an in-home or on-site trainer, expect to pay more. This is because they are going out of their way to come to your home and it is a big convenience to you. Prices for in-home training can go from £48 up to £162 per session.

One more important thing to note is that a typical session runs about an hour. A lot of gyms also offer 1/2 sessions or group sessions, as well, which can save you some money.

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