How much do wedding decorations cost?

Updated November 22, 2016

How much wedding decorations cost can vary significantly, depending on the style of the event and the taste of the bride and groom. Frugal backyard or living room weddings may only require £16 for crepe paper and balloons, while fairy tale weddings may include several thousand dollars of fresh flowers, elaborate candelabras and professionally carved ice sculptures. As of 2010, the cost for most wedding decorations fall somewhere in between.


Wedding decorations not only create a welcoming environment in which guests can celebrate, but they also reflect the tone and theme of the wedding. How many decorations a wedding needs depends on the location of the ceremony and reception and the preferences of the bride and groom. Locations that already have significant decor, such as traditional churches and lavish ballrooms, may only allow a white aisle runner for the bride and a few flower centrepieces or candles for the altar. Warehouse and loft-style facilities may require more decorations to achieve a ceremonial or party atmosphere. The cost of wedding decorations depends both on the number and the types of decorations used.


Flowers are one of the most traditional wedding decorations, yet also one of the most expensive. According to, most floral centrepieces range from £32 to over £65 each. Many brides choose to use candles, bowls of fruit, candy dishes, ribbons, seashells, picture frames or decorative salt and pepper shakers as centrepieces, since these items are often less expensive and can be reused. Most white aisle runners cost about $30 to $50 dollars, but many wedding supply companies rent them, along with decorations such as archways and fountains. Paper decorations, such as streamers and bells, and balloons are often the least expensive wedding decor and may only cost a few dollars per package.

Time Frame

People who have the time and energy to put together their own wedding decorations may be able to save a significant amount of money. For example, brides who purchase cut flowers from a farmer's market and arrange them in vases from a discount store will spend considerably less than those who order complete arrangements from a florist. Since some decorations, such as fresh flowers, can only be arranged shortly before the wedding, those who want to put together their own decorations ahead of time should consider alternatives, such as silk flowers or dried flower petals.


Some common areas for wedding decorations include the building entrance, the aisle, the seats or pews, the altar or ceremony location and the tables for the reception. The more areas there are to decorate and the more tables there are at the reception, the more the decorations will cost. In budgeting for the cost of wedding decorations, brides and grooms should consider all the areas they would like to decorate, which ones are the most important and how much they can spend on each.


Couples who are planning a wedding should consider the cost of wedding decorations early--when choosing the style, location and even time of year of their wedding and reception. Many hotels are already decorated during the holiday season, which can minimise decorating costs for those with winter weddings. Outdoor weddings in scenic locations may require minimal decorations as well. The cost of wedding decorations should match the overall style of the wedding. Paper and balloons will look out of place in a ballroom, as will exotic floral arrangements at a backyard barbecue.

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