Bodybuilding diet for beginners

Written by dennis hartman
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Bodybuilding for beginners and seasoned professionals is an ongoing process to keep the body in shape and muscular. This requires rigorous exercise as well as a diet that provides important nutrients for muscle growth and energy during workouts. As a new bodybuilder, you can modify your diet by changing your eating schedule and focusing on certain types of food while avoiding others.


As a beginning bodybuilder, the purpose of your new diet is to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to build new muscle and to sustain an intensive workout. As you work out, you place strain on satellite cells in your muscles, which then multiply and form new tissue to repair the damage. Over time, this will increase the size of your muscle. Satellite cells will grow faster and larger when they have a sufficient supply of protein. To avoid fatigue during a workout, you'll need the complex sugars that your body produces as it metabolises carbohydrates.


Foods that supply protein are the most essential for a bodybuilder's diet, and they include poultry, lean meats, skimmed milk, fish and soya products, such as tofu and soya beans. Other beans and legumes also provide protein, along with essential vitamins and minerals. Eat fats that come from plant sources, such as nuts and avocados, and consume carbohydrates so you have energy to work out. You can get them from grains and bread products as well as pasta.

Time Frame

Even before you completely alter your diet to accommodate a bodybuilding programme, change your eating schedule to get in the habit of providing a steady stream of nutrients. Eat more meals over the course of the day, even if they're smaller in size. This will ensure that your body contains the protein your muscles need to grow every time you exercise. A steady stream of carbohydrates will prevent your stamina from crashing during a workout, which may cause you to lower your intensity level.


A bodybuilder needs to eat a balanced diet. According to the University of New Mexico, an unbalanced diet can lead to poor performance and a loss of muscle, as well as general fatigue that can make it difficult to work out. Instead of eliminating foods that aren't rich in protein or carbohydrates, eat them in moderation. You can also take a vitamin supplement to replace the nutrients you would normally get from foods that don't fit into your new diet.


Embarking on a bodybuilding program is no small task, and it will change the way your body looks, feels and functions. Before making any major change to your activity level or diet, speak with a doctor or an experienced trainer about the possible health risks and best practices. As you progress through a bodybuilding programme, you'll need to alter your diet to focus more on muscle definition than growth, which may mean another consultation with an expert before moving beyond the beginner level.

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