How Do I Attach a Curtain Rail to a Ceramic Tile?

In most showers, a method is required for keeping the water from running outside the designated area. If a shower door is not being used, then a shower curtain can be a decorative and functional option. When hanging a shower curtain, homeowners have two options for the installation of a shower rod.

Tension Rod

If you don't want to permanently attach a curtain rod to your ceramic tile or drill into the tile, you can use a tension rod to hold the curtain. A tension rod can be lengthened or shortened by twisting the rod slightly. Rubber caps on each end of the rod will hold the rod against the tile without marking it. To hang, simply position the rod in the area desired and twist the rod to increase its length. This will put pressure or tension on the ends, which will hold the rod in place on the tile without slipping.

Drilling Holes in the Tile

If the shower rod is to be a permanent fixture in the bathroom, and the rod includes brackets to be attached to either end of the shower, you will need to drill into the tile to screw the brackets into place. To successfully drill holes in ceramic tile, you will need a carbide-tipped masonry bit for your drill and some masking tape. Place the masking tape in an "X" over the area to be drilled. Drill into the tile quickly and the pull the drill back out. Drilling too slowly will make the hole too large to provide grip for the screw. Once a hole has been drilled, insert a plastic screw bit and screw the brackets to the tile. The shower rod will fit into the brackets as a permanent solution for the shower curtain.

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