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Cheap mole removal

Updated April 17, 2017

Moles, or nevus, are the skin growths that appear on your skin's surface tissue when groups of melanocyte cells grow in one particular area on the body. Nevus colour can range from brown, red, flesh-toned, and pink, and are generally oval-shaped. Surgical procedures such as freezing, laser, and shaving methods are available for mole removal, however they are costly and produce minimal to severe scarring. Affordable mole removal procedures using raw potatoes and castor oil can be performed in your own home.

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Potato Mole Removal Technique

The potato was originally discovered in the Andes Mountains of South America nearly 7,000 years ago. It's nutritional and health benefits were not fully understood, which prevented the wide usage of the potato for several years. In the year 1780, Ireland took on the task of cultivating several potato crops and began to understand the potato's vitamin rich properties.

Now potatoes are imported and exported throughout the world and commonly serve as a side dish for your favourite meat. Aside from being a delicious dinner menu item, potatoes are prime ingredients in many folk and home treatments for medical conditions including scurvy, rheumatism, digestive disorders, and skin conditions. Potatoes contain iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, and chlorine contents that can reduce or remove skin blemishes such as acne, moles, and age spots. Acidic by nature, potatoes supply the skin's surface layer an adequate mineral supply to promote exfoliation of dead skin cells and reproduction of collagen skin cells.

To receive all the health benefit's a potato can offer, the potato must be raw and it's juice applied three times daily to the affected area for two months. By slicing sectional pieces of a potato and applying them to your mole three times daily, you can get rid of all skin imperfections naturally at half the cost. Apply the potato sectional to your mole for a minimum of five minutes per application for best results. Allow potato juice to dry naturally on your mole.

Castor Oil

Castor oil contains 90 per cent ricinoleic acid, which prevents the development of viruses, bacteria, and mould. Obtained from the castor bean plant in India, castor oil is completely natural and gentle enough for sensitive skin types. Castor oil has the ability to seep into the skin's deepest layers and stimulate circulation of healthy skin cells.

Moles can be effectively removed with continuous application of castor oil for three weeks. Castor oil works to eliminate scar tissue internally and externally. Applying an adhesive bandage soaked in castor oil on the mole daily for three weeks will remove the existing mole. Only change your bandage once daily to reduce the chance of developing an infection. Reapply a new castor oil soaked bandage immediately to resume treatment.

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