Easy Way to Save iPlayer TV Programs

The BBC iPlayer is an Internet television service that allows users to watch BBC programs from their computers. This innovative technology has created access to the vast number of television programs, videos and BBC radio events that individuals may have missed the day before.

However, the problem with the iPlayer is that programs cannot be saved to a hard drive and exported to other media devices because of their encoding. There are a few ways that you can save iPlayer programs permanently so that you can watch your favourite BBC programs again and again.

Ruby Project

Because iPlayer programs are based on scripts from the Ruby programming language, a Ruby download will help you to decode the DRM of BBC iPlayer programs and watch them as you wish. Ruby is often available in computer software packages, or it may be obtained as an online download. If you've got both the iPlayer and the Ruby, you can use the software to create a file that can be transferred from your computer to other devices. These DRM-free downloads can even be shared on iPhones and iPods without having to further decode them. (They will already be in the correct format for such devices.)

iPlayer Grabber

A freeware, open source technology called the iPlayer Grabber was developed by the same individuals who used Ruby to decode the DRM for permanent download of iPlayer programs. The iPlayer Grabber can be downloaded from a number of different websites free of charge. Unlike using Ruby for decoding, the Grabber does all of the legwork for the individual who wishes to save iPlayer programs, making it much easier to save and view BBC shows and videos. Best of all, the iPlayer Grabber is constantly updated, with new features being added on a fairly regular basis.

Other Methods

The BBC has released several different ways of saving the iPlayer to different devices and using it to watch various programs. Recently, applications for the iPhone and the iPod have been released and are available for purchase from the BBC. Nokia phones and other mobile devices can also benefit from the use of the iPlayer. Programs have been created that allow individuals to download the iPlayer onto certain video game devices such as Xbox and Wii. Many of these programs are available through torrents (if they were developed by individuals outside of the BBC) or as inexpensive downloads from the BBC's website.