How to Get a Water Meter Installed

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A water meter measures your water usage. Utility companies that provide local water service use water meters to calculate how much each customer owes for water service. Often, municipalities or counties provide water service to residents.

If you want service from a water-service provider, you will need to install a water line to serve your property and have a water meter installed on the line. To do that, contact your local water-service provider to set up an account. After the water service is established, water company employees will read your water meter regularly for billing purposes.

Determine who provides the water service to your neighbourhood. Contact your town, city or county government to obtain contact information for your local water service provider. You can inquire in person, by telephone or by sending a written request through the mail.

Contact the water-service provider. You will need to have the following information on hand: your name, the address where you would like the water meter installed, your social security number, phone number and a billing address, if different from the address where the water meter will be located.

Set up your water account if you don't already have one. The water-service provider will probably charge for the cost of establishing the water service. Additionally, you will be billed each month for the water you use.

Explain why you need a water meter installed. If you are a new water customer, let the water service provider know. If you currently have a water meter but it is broken, explain that to the service provider.

Arrange for a day and time for the water meter to be installed. Water meters usually are installed outside, so the installer will not need access inside your building. Ask the service provider whether you have to be present when the meter is installed.

Make sure that you understand the costs. Ask when and how any charges will be billed to you.