Plans for an English Cottage Style House

English Cottage style houses started to gain popularity in the United States between 1890 and 1940. They are an adaptation of the Tudor Revival house style that was modelled after the rustic cottages built in England in medieval times. An English Cottage style house plan means different things to different people, but, most likely when you think of an English style house plan you think of a storybook house with sweeping lines and romantic flourishes.

Characteristics of an English Style Cottage

Most English cottages have a certain fairy tale design to them. This includes having steep roof lines, dormers, arched doorways, steep complex gables, quaint porches, shingles or stucco siding often with stone accents, which is then balanced by a huge dominating chimney. The exterior of an English cottage has a gigantic chimney that completely dominates either a side of the house or the front of the house. The chimney is a must have because it is excellent for providing a warm welcoming fireplace that brings family and friends together beside it. The windows usually have small panes with pleasant frames to adequately frame picturesque outdoor gardens and countryside views.

English Style Cottage Plans

English Cottage plans are typically asymmetrical and one and a half stories tall. On the inside of the English style cottage the floor plans have irregular-shaped first floor and second floor rooms. This means that the rooms are not all the same shape. Some rooms may be square while other rooms may be shaped in an "L," octagon, rectangular, or narrow shape. The upstairs rooms have sloping walls that are completed with dormers that allow light in and also provide nooks and crannies to be used as desired. English style cottages are usually quite quaint and small and usually only have one room. However, the English Cottage style can also pertain to larger elaborate homes that uphold the architectural cottage style elements as well as the warm coziness inside.

One example of a English style floor plan would be a compact plan that consists of a living room that is anchored by a fireplace and opens into a quaint side porch. Off of the living room is an efficient kitchen which has a widow above the sink to let light in and the kitchen then opens into a sun-filled dining room. In the corner of the first floor is a secondary bedroom which includes a cosy nook and is completed with widow seats. The master bedroom is on the second floor includes a balcony that overlooks the living room. The cottage has vaulted ceilings, includes a private bath, built-in cabinets, and a walk-in-closet.

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