The best way to sell valuable jewelry

Selling jewellery is not a difficult task, but some of the easier ways are not the most profitable ways. For example, if you sell your item to the person who appraised it--like a pawn shop--you're probably not going to get the best deal. If you do decide to take it to a place like this, make sure they appraise it in front of you and show you where they're getting their information. Pawn shops and used stores aside, you can get a good deal. It takes a little time and some know-how.


Regardless of where you sell your piece of jewellery, you need to get it appraised. Its value will directly affect how you price it. Visit several independent appraisers who have no reason to lie to you about its worth to find out the actual value of the item, comparing at least three appraisals to get an idea of how much it's actually worth, according to the Palm Beach Post. According to the Palm Beach Post, the value of jewellery--especially gold--changes every day, so it's important to check its value the day you sell it. Additionally, obtain value documentation from the appraiser. Without documentation and proof of value, you won't sell your jewellery.


The first step to selling your jewellery online, according to the website Home Jewelry Business, is taking crisp, clear photos of your jewellery items. If it doesn't look good online, you aren't going to attract any prospective buyers. There are many jewellery classifieds sites and other online marketplaces where selling your jewellery is easy and often quick. According to the Diamond Tutorial website, with enough documentation, you can quickly sell a piece of jewellery on classified sites. Additionally, other selling sites (see Resources) are great venues for selling items online. They provide a forum for thousands of people to see and purchase your item in a safe and secure way. Local online marketplaces allow people in your region to inquire about the item and see it in person. According to Diamond Tutorial, while local sites limit how many people can see your jewellery, people often prefer them because they allows them to meet the seller and check out the item before they take it home. Your online selling options are limitless, so research your many options and keep the documentation for your jewellery.


Many people believe the newspaper classifieds are outdated and ineffective, but that simply isn't true. People still read the classifieds in search of items they need. Purchasing an ad for your item and providing concise but necessary information in that ad is often a great way to sell your jewellery. In your ad, make sure you mention that you have the proper appraisal documentation, your phone number and the type of jewellery. When sending in your ad information, specify that your item should be listed in the jewellery section. Classified ads are cheap and worth the investment.

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