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Tips on a cake topper size

Cake toppers are a fun and creative way to make a simple cake unique. There are many different styles of cake toppers, from fresh flowers to letters, numbers or figurines. Choosing a style or colour of cake topper can be an easy thing for some brides, but the next step will be to choose a size of cake topper that is appropriate for the cake.

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Always take the weight of the cake topper into consideration when choosing a cake topper. If the weight of the cake topper is very heavy, an extra support will be required on the top tier of the cake. Support the heavy cake topper with extra wooden pegs trimmed to the size of the bottom diameter of the cake topper and insert before setting the cake topper on top.

Size of the Top Tier

The size of the top tier of the cake is important when choosing a cake topper size. If the top of the cake has a 6-inch or less diameter of cake, then the diameter of the cake topper should be no more than that the cake itself. This will also help screen out very tall or top-heavy cake toppers.

Diameter of the Cake Topper

Look at the diameter of the cake topper; this will help in fitting it to the appropriate cake size when planning with the baker of the cake. If the cake topper is quite light and short in height but is 7 inches in diameter, then the top tier of the cake must match the cake topper's size or be bigger, such as 8 or 9 inches in diameter, to accommodate the cake topper. If the diameter of the cake topper is larger than the top of the cake, make sure it is light enough to stand upright without falling down.

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