How to Clean Tencel Fabric

Tencel fabric is also known as lyocell, and it is woven from fibres derived from wood pulp. It is an entirely biodegradable fabric that is highly moisture absorbent with a smooth feel to it that makes it suitable for people with delicate skin. Whether you are buying Tencel to sew your own clothes or you are buying clothes made of Tencel, learning how to clean it allows you to keep it in good shape.

Fill a large sink with cold water.

Soak the Tencel fabric or garment in the sink until it is wet.

Apply a quarter-sized amount of mild washing powder to the water and gently agitate the Tencel in the sink.

Rinse the Tencel under cold running water until the water is free of suds.

Wring out the Tencel gently.

Hang the Tencel up to drip dry or dry flat on clothes drying rack.

Place in the Tencel in the washing machine with a load of delicates.

Wash it on the gentlest cycle possible with cool water.

Hang it up on a line or a shower rod to dry or dry it on a clothes drying rack.

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