3 day diet for a heart patient

Heart problems plague many Americans. Diet and exercise can help improve heart health. One diet that can be used is the 3 Day Diet. This diet is supposed to help lose weight quickly and help eliminate fat and cholesterol from the diet.The main causes of heart problems are too much fat and cholesterol in the body.

Cleveland Clinic Diet

This 3 day diet is known by many names. The most common name is the Cleveland Clinic diet or the American Heart Association diet. These names mean little; this diet is not attributable to either of these sources. The diet consists of very low calories, with little to no fat. There are specific foods that must be eaten every day. This diet is supposed to help you lose 4.54 Kilogram in three days or 18.1 Kilogram in a month. As this diet is specific about what food is allowed on certain days, you will need an outline of the food allowed for each day.

First Day

Breakfast on the first day will be a slice of toast with two teaspoons of butter, half of a grapefruit and one cup of coffee, water or tea. The toast will give you a boost of carbs, the butter a small dose of fat for energy and the coffee, water or tea will hydrate you. The grapefruit will burn calories. Lunch will consist of a piece of toast, half of a banana and water, coffee or tea. Supper is one apple, one bowl of boiled peas, another half of grapefruit, one cup of vanilla flavoured ice cream, and another cup of coffee, water or tea. The peas will be your vegetables for the day and the ice cream will be your reward for sticking to the diet.

Second Day

The second day breakfast is the same as the first day, except you eat a boiled egg instead of a half a grapefruit. This boiled egg will give you a good boost of protein. Lunch is different. You will have one dish of yoghurt, two English muffins, and one cup of water, coffee or tea.The yoghurt and biscuits are low fat and energy rich foods that will help give your body time to break down fat and cholesterol. Supper is half of a grapefruit, half a cup of vanilla ice cream, half of a banana, one sausage link, a portion of broccoli, and coffee, water or tea. The sausage is good protein and the broccoli is an excellent heart safe food. Your body will have begun relying on stored fat to supply energy, breaking down the fat in your body.

Third Day

Breakfast changes a little on the third day, with an apple, an English muffin with a slice of fat- free cheese, and water, coffee or tea. Lunch will be a piece of toast with a boiled egg and water, coffee or tea. Your body should be burning fat from your body, as the energy you're providing it is so minimal. Supper will be half of a grapefruit, a cup of vanilla ice cream, half of a banana, a dish of cauliflower, one slice of watermelon, and water, coffee or tea. If you decide to take this diet any further, repeat these three days over and over until you are finished with your diet.