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How much fabric Is needed to upholster a wing chair?

Updated April 17, 2017

Reupholstering a wing chair is a good way to give it a new look. When collecting your tools and supplies for reupholstering you will need to decide how much fabric it will take to cover the entire chair. This will keep you from wasting money by buying too much fabric -- or making a second trip to the fabric store to get more. This can be done with a simple evaluation of the chair and fabric width.

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Using patterns

Start by choosing your upholstery fabric and measure the width of the fabric on the bolt. Most upholstery fabrics are 135 cm (54 inches) wide to 155 cm (62 inches) wide. Lay your pattern pieces side by side out on the floor so that they are no wider than your fabric bolt width. Measure, how long the pattern pieces are together when they are laid out in this way. Add 2 metres (2 yards) to the total to account for piping fabric and extra trim.

Measuring surfaces

As with Step 1, first choose your upholstery fabric and measure the width of the fabric on the bolt. Measure each surface of the chair in height and width at the tallest and widest point in inches. For example, the back of the chair would be considered a surface. The arm of the chair would be considered a surface. The side of the chair would be considered a surface. You get the idea. Find the largest number in each of the measurements and add them together. For example, if your chair back was 100 cm x 75 cm (40 inches x 30 inches), then 100 (40) would be your largest number. Add 100 to the other measurements' largest numbers. The total number of centimetres will be your requirement. Divide the number by 100 to get the total number of metres needed. If one of your larger numbers is wider than your bolt width, add an extra metre (1 yard) to your total. Add 2 metres (2 yards) to your total for piping and trim.

General rule of thumb

If you hate measuring, use this rule of thumb: A wing chair will typically take around 5 to 7 metres (5 to 7 yards) of fabric.

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