Homemade enema equipment

Use enemas to relieve constipation and to cleanse the digestive tract before medical diagnostic testing and prior to intimate activity involving the anus and rectum.

In urgent situations of frequent constipation when you have no time to drive to the pharmacy to purchase enema equipment, make your own enema device from a soft juice bottle, as well as a homemade enema solution.

Homemade Enema Device

Empty, clean and dry a soft plastic child's juice bottle. A homemade enema device made with this type of bottle will allow easy insertion into the rectum and easy squeezing in order to quickly and efficiently deliver the enema solution.

Homemade Enema Solutions

Fill the bottle with an enema solution such as warm tap water, warm soapsuds or warm saltwater. Dissolve 1 tsp of either salt or mild hand soap into the water. Pour the water into the soft plastic juice bottle. Shake the bottle gently in order to thoroughly mix the salt or soap within the water. Test the enema solution to ensure that it isn't too hot for administering the enema solution into the rectum.

Administering the Homemade Enema

Lubricate the outer portion of the soft plastic juice bottle with a water-based lubricant before inserting it into the recipient's rectum. Have the patient lie down on his left or right side, or get into the knee-chest position. Gently insert the outer portion of the bottle into the rectum. Slowly squeeze the contents of the plastic bottle into the rectum. You may not notice a significant amount of cramping due to the smaller nature of this enema compared with larger-volume enemas. Have the recipient retain the enema solution for five minutes before expelling the enema and fecal matter.