Can You Install Carpet on an Oak Parquet Floor?

Installing carpet on a parquet floor is a way to make the room quieter and feel warmer. An important consideration is the method of carpet installation to avoid damaging the parquet. Having parquet floors under the carpet can be a valuable selling point to prospective buyers.

Carpeting Choices to Install over Parquet Floors

Cut pile carpets have a luxurious look and feel and resist crushing. Saxony carpet is soft textured and will show footprints and marks from vacuuming. Textured Saxony features a soft feel and disguises footprints due to its multiple loop design.

Installing Carpet with Tack Strips

Carpet padding should not be stapled to the floor to avoid damage to the underlying parquet. Fasten the padding only along the walls after removal of the baseboard. Staple the padding as closely to the perimeter walls as possible. Fasten the tack strips for the carpeting over the edges of the padding, again as closely to the walls as possible. Holes along the perimeter of the walls from the staples can be filled with putty and will not be noticeable near the baseboards if carpet is removed. Professional installers must be informed that avoiding damage to the underlying floor is imperative. Consult with the installer about the advisability of installing a moisture barrier underneath carpet padding. Do not allow the carpet to be glued to the parquet floor. Removal of the glue is a tedious job and possibly damaging to the parquet.

Cleaning Carpet Installed on Parquet Floors

Cleaning carpet installed on parquet floors must be done without over-wetting to avoid damage to the underlying parquet. Excessive water will cause the parquet to lift and buckle, affecting the appearance of the carpeted floor. Water that penetrates the parquet causes damage to the underlying sub floor and promotes the growth of mould and mildew.

Spot clean carpet that is installed over parquet to extend the length of time between complete cleanings. Blot up any spills with towels as soon as the spill occurs. Use aerosol foaming carpet cleaning products to spot clean. Promote drying by vacuuming the spill area with a wet-dry vacuum. Fans focused on the damp areas will hasten drying.