Home Remedy for Sunburned Lips

The sun can have harmful effects on your body when spending long periods of time outside. One of those effects is sunburned lips. Sunburned lips can be irritating as well as painful. Luckily, there are many home remedies available to treat sunburned lips.

Home Remedies

The best thing to do is keep the lips moist at all times or else the dryness will only aggravate the burn. Moisturising your lips will help keep them healthy and damp so that they can quickly heal.

Drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated at all times. Drinking a lot of fluids a day can help with keeping your skin moist.

Eating Popsicles can help to relieve the pain. They can also be used to protect the lips from getting sunburned in the first place. You can also place a damp washcloth in the freezer until it is almost frozen. Use the compress on your sunburned lips to alleviate the pain.

Use clarified butter to soothe your sunburned lips. Melt unsalted butter until it clarifies (this means butter that has all the milk solids and water removed) and then strain it. This solution can be stored for up to six months at room temperature. Use the butter to moisturise your lips.

Rub olive oil on your lips to aid in the healing process. You may need to apply it multiple times in one day and be sure to avoid the sunlight when it is applied.

Make a paste of fresh milk cream, sandalwood powder and crushed rose petals. This will provide soothing relief for your sunburned lips. It also helps the healing process.

Mix honey and lime juice together. Spread a thin amount of the mixture on your lips to help with the pain.

Break open an aloe vera leaf and rub the gel from inside on your lips, to soothe the pain.

Avoid peeling your sunburned lips as this can leave openings for bacteria to enter and cause infection. Make sure you wear a protective lip balm with sunscreen lotion when you are out in the sun. These are relatively cheap and can be bought at any drug store or pharmacy.

If your sunburned lips do not get any better or get worse, visit your doctor to get medical attention.