Homemade pigeon repellent

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Pigeons are often considered dirty pests that infest towns and cities. They have been suspected to carry disease and are infamous for damaging property with their nests and excrement. Whatever the reason, many people seek solutions to keep pigeons as far away from them as possible.

One useful way is with a homemade pigeon repellent.

The scare method

The use of balloons is an easy, effective, cheap and safe way to deter less urbanised pigeons that may lurk near houses or gardens. Place the balloon in a prominent location where birds can see it easily. Keep in mind that birds fly so top visibility is particularly important. Markings similar to a bullseye or an eye have been shown to be particularly effective in scaring away pigeons since they may perceive the balloon as a potential predator. Aluminium pie tins, strips of aluminium foil or anything else reflective can produce a similar effect by presenting the illusion that something is moving.

Perching control

If you can find their favourite perching spots, make those places less appealing so they will stop going there. You can do this by using mesh material or spikes to cover the area. The mesh material can be netting or wire mesh found in any local hardware shop. Special spike strips to deter pigeons can be purchased but you can also make a simplified version at home by gluing nails onto the surface you wish to protect. This method can be particularly useful with their roosting places.

Surface repellents

Pigeons have sensitive feet and will avoid standing in locations that are unpleasant to the touch. Sticky, grainy or slick surfaces have a tendency to repel pigeons. One proven method is the use of crushed, dried chilli peppers. This is not only uncomfortable to stand on but can be a mild irritant which makes it more effective as a repellent. Spread this liberally around areas you wish to keep the pigeons away from and reapply every two to four days.

Anti-pigeon tips

Remove all reasons for a pigeon to be where you don't want it. This means removing any potential food and water sources as well as any possible locations for them to roost. If homemade methods don't work for your pigeon problem, you can choose commercial pigeon repellents, but they are heavily chemical-based and should be used as a last resort.