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Table decorations that kids can make

Updated April 17, 2017

Take a hike, stroll along the beach and recycle with your kid to gather materials in order to craft these eco-friendly table decorations. Collect inspiring natural materials and recycle household materials into table decorations that are simple yet striking to behold. These table decoration projects use minimal resources and are effortless to make so that a kid can craft them with minimal supervision. Prepare a work area, do good for the environment, and enjoy!

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Sea-inspired candle centrepiece

Rummage for a circular wood picture frame at flea markets, resale shops or car boot and garage sales. Keep in mind that the frame's centre should be big enough to fit three pillar candles. The frame's outer rim must be flat and unadorned.

Lay newspaper down on a work surface. Remove the glass if it is present in the picture frame, leaving only the wood frame and backing. Smooth the wood's surface using fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe clean with a dry rag.

Sort through previously collected sea glass and find smooth-edged pieces that work well together. Lay sea glass along the wood for a pleasing arrangement. In stages, lift a piece and apply epoxy to the glass bottom. Replace the sea glass back to its original spot. Allow to dry completely. Display the candle centrepiece on the table.

When working, handle sea glass with care and only use smooth-edged pieces.

Rustic stick centrepiece

Go on a hike and collect small twigs and sticks with interesting curves or forked ends.

At home, strip off any leaves, shoots or loose bark. Set the twigs in the sun to dry out.

Arrange twigs into a layered rectangular or square box shape. Be sure to intertwine twig ends. Make an "x" pattern on each corner with hemp to secure. Glue the boxed twigs to a recycled wood base with epoxy. Top each corner with a small pine cone and set on the table.

Use the centrepiece to house votive candles, pine cone or river rock collections, or other natural material finds.

For safety, place a stable, heat-resistant surface under lit candles and never burn them unattended.

Pebbled vases

This project requires adult supervision for younger kids. Prepare a work surface with newspaper. To create the first pebbled vase, wash a one-litre plastic drink container.

Make a mark with a fine-tipped pen slightly above the middle of the bottle, where the smooth section meets the ridged one. Cut along the line with scissors.

Cut narrow strips approximately 7.5 to 8.75 cm (3 to 3.5 inches) long and 1.25 cm (0.5 inch) wide all the way around the lip of the cut bottle. Space them evenly and cut as straight as possible.

Press back all the cut strips to make the bottle level at the top. Turn the bottle over onto the newspaper so that it is resting on the strips. If the bottle is unbalanced, turn upright and refold the cut strips.

Next, weave the plastic strips. Take one strip and weave it over the next one but under the next two. Fold the entire section to the right and make a crease. Grab the next folded strip. Go over two strips and under one. Fold and crease as before.

Grip the third strip and fold it over one and under two as done previously with the first step. Follow this configuration until all cut strips are woven. Place small pebbles at the bottom of the bottle for stability.

Create three bottle vases this way. Add fresh flowers and set the bottles at spaced intervals for an attractive table decoration.

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