Matsui TV Instructions

Matsui is a popular brand of flat-panel TV that is affordable, packed with features and easy to use. However, many people may have a hard time figuring out the myriad buttons on the TV and remote, as well as how the TV interacts with other devices in their home theatre system. These instructions will provide you with some understanding and basic operating instructions for your Matsui TV when faced with this common dilemma.

Basic functions

Your Matsui TV's basic functions are turning it on and off and changing channels. You can power it on in two ways: With the front panel "Power" button or with the remote. If the remote doesn't work, make sure it has batteries. Changing channels is accomplished in the same way, with the "Channel" buttons on the front panel or the remote. When you connect the antenna or cable for the first time, you'll need to enter the TV's main menu and perform the "auto channel search" so you don't spend unnecessary time surfing through channels that don't come in.

Volume and sound

Control your Matsui's sound with the "Volume" buttons on the front panel or remote. When you press the plus or minus buttons, an onscreen display will appear, showing you the maximum and minimum volume level and where it is currently set. The "Mute" button on the remote will also turn off all the sound. Pressing it again will turn it back on.

Inputs and external devices

Your Matsui TV comes equipped with many input and output jacks on its back panel. These are used to connect other devices, such as VCRs, cable boxes, video game systems and DVD players. Each input and output is labelled as "Video 1" or "Video 2" and corresponds with the input displayed on the screen. You can access these inputs by pressing "Video" or "Input Select" on the remote. For example, if you hook up a VCR to the "Video 3" input, you can watch it by pushing the "Input Select" or "Video" button on your remote until the TV displays "Video 3." Then, use your VCR as you normally would. Since every device is different in how it hooks into the television, always consult its user manual for more specific instructions.

Advanced functions

There are many additional features within your Matsui TV accessible via the main menu. Simply push the "Menu" button on the remote or front panel and navigate the menu with the directional arrows on the remote. You can access useful functions like the sleep timer, which will turn off your TV automatically after a set number of minutes. You can also set closed-caption settings and adjust picture quality. Refer to the user manual for a more detailed description of these features.

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