Salt water flush and detox

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The saltwater flush or cleanse is a way to detoxify the body. Its main function is to clean out the colon more safely than colonics or enemas. According to the article "Saltwater Flush," salt has been used "throughout the ages ... to draw out poisons.

" The flush cleans the body internally by removing accumulated toxins, debris and wastes. The ingredients for the saltwater flush recipe include water and sodium. It can be done a few times a week.

Make the salt water flush

The Natural Cure Alternative website suggests boiling 1 litre (1 quart) of distilled water. The idea is to drink the salt water hot. Add 2 level tsp of natural salt. Natural salt is sea salt or any salt that does not contain additives like iodine. Mix the salt and water. If you want, add a little lemon or lime juice to improve the taste. Drink the entire litre in the morning on an empty stomach. If this is unpleasant for you, sip the drink throughout the day. Other alternative include using tap water or lukewarm water. The article "Saltwater Flush" states that the flush will "quickly and thoroughly wash the entire [digestive] tract in several hours."

Use precautions

Some contend the saltwater flush is dangerous. According to the Natural Cure Alternatives website, "The weight of the salt in the distilled water is the same as the weight of the sodium in your blood so the kidneys do not recognise it." Others disagree. One tsp of salt is the equivalent of 2,300 mg (0.08 oz) of sodium. This is a very high amount that could be dangerous for those who need a low-sodium diet. The article "Experts warn of detox diet dangers" states there is no evidence that these detoxification programs "do anything more than lead to unpleasant, unhealthy side effects." Some of these effects are diarrhoea and sodium imbalances. For people with diabetes, stomach, heart or kidney disease, a saltwater flush may not be a good idea. Consult with your doctor before attempting a saltwater flush.

Drink plain water

One of the best ways to cleanse the body is to drink a lot of water. By drinking plain water, you flush out your system. Drink 1,892 ml (64 fl oz) of water throughout the day. The water dilutes any poisons or toxins in the body and helps remove wastes out of all cells and organs. The water helps with constipation as well. Stools are softer and can be passed more easily and this helps clean out the colon. The body also requires an intake of fluids on a daily basis to function properly.