Samsung TV Instructions

Korean electronics company Samsung is a popular manufacturer of LED, LCD and plasma televisions. Samsung televisions are equipped with features that allow users to configure their picture, screen size and more. Learning to use a Samsung television is quick and simple, leaving your more time to watch your favourite shows.

Plug and Play

Your Samsung television is equipped with a "Plug and Play" feature that allows you to plug in the television and watch it right away, using factory-preset settings. This feature is activated when your television is plugged in. If, after changing the television settings, you want to reset the television to its factory settings, press "Menu" on the remote and select "Settings," followed by "Plug and Play."

Accessing Menus

Change the settings on your Samsung television by accessing the television's various menus. To access the menus on your Samsung television, press "Menu" on your remote control and choose among the "Picture," "Sound," "Channel," "Set Up," "Input," "Application" and "Support" menu options.

Configuring the Picture

The picture on your Samsung television can be configured based on your viewing preferences and lighting conditions. Press "Menu" on your remote control and select "Picture" to access the configuration screen. Choose "Dynamic" for viewing in a bright room, "Standard" for viewing in normal conditions, "Natural" for eye-comfortable viewing or "Movie" for viewing in a dark room.

Selecting a Source

Selecting a source allows you to choose between watching television or watching material from devices connected to your television. To select a source for your Samsung television, use the "Source" button on your remote control to toggle through the various source choices. Choose among "TV," "AV1," "AV2," "Component1," "Component2," "PC," "HDMI1," "HDMI2," "HDMI3," "HDMI4" and "USB."

Setting the Screen Size

Your Samsung television allows you to change the size of the image on your television screen. To change your screen size, press "Menu" on your remote control, then choose "Picture" and "Picture Options," followed by "Size." Use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the size of the on-screen image.

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