Can you buy a car without a license?

There are many reasons why an unlicensed person would legitimately want or need to purchase a vehicle. Due to the ever-increasing motor vehicle regulations and the intentional complexity with which legislation seems to be written, it is sometimes difficult for the average individual to decipher DMV rules.

Whether or not you need a license to buy a car is probably one of the most common questions asked with regard to motor vehicle law.

The Simple Truth

There is no rule, regulation, or law that specifically requires an individual to possess a driving licence in order to purchase a vehicle. Anyone with the right amount of money, or credit, can buy a car. Of course, more often than not, people usually purchase cars for themselves that they intend to actually drive. However, many other valid reasons exist for an unlicensed person to buy a car.

The Department of Motor Vehicles

Purchasing or owning a vehicle is of little consequence to the Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV); their main concern typically focuses on the driver of a vehicle. An unlicensed person may buy a car, but will not be able to register or insure it. These documents indicate your intention to operate the vehicle, which the DMV will always reject without proper licensure. As long as you make no attempt to drive the vehicle, nor suggest that you plan to illegally drive it, you are free to buy and own as many cars as you'd like.