Birthday Party Ideas for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman has different needs and wants than other women because of her condition, especially late in the pregnancy when she's uncomfortable. Due to this you have to take some things into consideration when planning a birthday party in her honour.

These include the consumption of alcohol, physical activities and the weather or environment. It is important to make sure the birthday celebration is focused on her and not the baby.

Spa party

Have a spa party. Pamper the momma-to-be with a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage or other treatments. This can be a girls' only party or one with guys as well. Set out all the supplies and treat one another. Serve some delicious goodies such as ice cream sundaes and good old-fashioned macaroni and cheese to make the day even more indulgent. She will feel like a queen and appreciate some much needed rest and pampering.

Television or Movie theme

Get the girls together and have a "Sex in the City" party or other movie-themed bash. Order her favourite take-out, bring over some movies and popcorn, and sit back and relax. Instead of alcoholic beverages serve "mocktails" that the pregnant honoured guest can drink. Or make it a day out on the town "Sex in the City" style; go shopping, eat at small hole-in-the-wall restaurants and even take her out for some dancing if she's up for it. Just make sure you don't rush too much or stay out too long as she may get tired.

Culinary Feast

Plan a food tour. Lots of cities offer culinary food tours just like wine tasting tours. . Just be sure the travel schedule doesn't involve an excessive amount of walking. Culinary bus tours may be preferable if she is having trouble walking.

Body Painting

Host a body painting party. Hire some professional body painters to come over and have a painting party. It's a lot of fun for a pregnant woman to get her belly painted and everyone else can join in. The photos are funny and the process actually feels good. It's a relaxing way to celebrate a birthday where the mother-to-be can be comfortable and have a good time.