Hotpoint Washer Troubleshooting

Hotpoint washing machines come in a variety of sizes and with different features. Each Hotpoint washing machine model, however, suffers from the same common problems that can keep your machine from running optimally. You do not need to contact a service technician to correct many of the problems experienced with Hunter washing machines; you can troubleshoot and fix the problems yourself.

Machine Does Not Start

When your Hotpoint washer does not start, first check that the washer door is firmly shut and the power cord is connected to a working outlet. The door will click and feel secure when it is fully shut. You may need to check if the power outlet is working by plugging another device into the outlet. If that device does not work, you may have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Replace the fuse or reset the breaker as needed.

Next, check if "Time Delay" was enabled. Many Hotpoint washers include this feature which allows you to run the washer at a specific time. When enabled, the washer will not operate until the time delay is finished.

Another feature on many Hotpoint washers is the "Child Lock." This is a safety feature that, when enabled, will keep the machine from running even if the machine is set to "On." The machine will beep three times and a red symbol with the word "Safe" will appear on the display when the "Child Lock" is enabled. To turn off the feature, press and hold the "Child Lock" button for four seconds.

Washer Door Does Not Open

Washer doors on Hotpoint washing machines are locked when the machine is running a cycle. This is another safety feature that prevents injury from the moving parts of the washer. You will not be able to open the machine until the red symbol of a keyhole disappears from the display. To turn off the machine in the middle of a cycle, press the "Cancel/Stop" button.

Another cause of the door not opening is leftover water in the machine, a problem that requires its own set of troubleshooting steps.

Water Does Not Pump Out of the Machine

When the water does not drain from a Hotpoint washing machine, check that the drain hose is not kinked or have debris that is blocking the hose. Unplug the washer, and remove the drainage hose to check for an obstruction, which should be removed as needed. If the obstruction is not in the drain hose but in the pipe connected to the hose, contact a plumber to fix the problem.

Another cause of water not draining from the machine is if the "Rinse Hold" button was pressed, pausing the washer and keeping the water in the machine. Press the "Rinse Hold" button again to continue with the wash cycle.

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