Ideas for Bed Canopies

Canopies need not cover the entire bed. In fact, for a delicate and regal look, try a wall-mounted canopy in either a square- or angle-top design. For the square-top canopy, purchase two wooden or resin wall fixtures that have an opening designed for holding curtain scarves.

Wall-mounted Canopy

Mount the two fixtures at an equal distance, one on each side of the bed, at just below ceiling height. Choose a fabric that drapes well, such as gauze, linen, satin, or taffeta. Thread long, narrow, scarf-style panel through the fixture holes, dropping to floor level with a swag in between the sides. If you want an angled-top canopy, mount just one fixture with hole at the top of the wall at the mid-line of the bed. Attach two large finials or dowels to the wall on either side of the top fixture, about 1/3 of the way down the wall. Thread your fabric through the top fixture, and allow it to drape over the two side mounts to create a luxurious feature encasing the bed.

Ceiling-mounted Canopy

For a lightweight, airy canopy, use a small curtain rod mounted to the ceiling, draped with a sheer fabric. Sheer fabric options include organza, voile, crepe, tulle, or even lace. A simple, lightweight curtain rod---well affixed to the hardware, with screw-on finial endings---is necessary for this project to keep it firmly in place. Attach the rod to the ceiling, at the mid-line of the bed's head. Sew a simple pocket at the center point of your fabric running the width of the material. Slip the pocket over the rod, securing the finals at the ends. Allow enough fabric for the ends to drop to the floor on either sides of the bed, creating a romantic and luxurious look.

Hammock-style Canopy

To create a more contemporary look, try this hammock-style canopy. Finish the edges of any kind of material. Make it long enough to cover the length of the bed, plus some for draping, and to cover the width of your curtain rod. Attach the curtain rod just below the ceiling on the wall over the head of the bed. Sew a pocket in your material at the top, and then sew two rings two to three feet from the end of the fabric, one at each side. Now affix two plant hooks into the ceiling that your fabric rings will hang from. Slide the fabric sleeve onto the curtain rod and attach the rings to the plant hangers on the ceiling. The result is a hammock style canopy with a small privacy curtain hanging at the end of the canopy.