Troubleshooting a Sony Surround Sound That is Humming

Humming from your Sony Surround Sound system will quickly become a nuisance that ruins your enjoyment of movies and music. Isolating and eliminating the problem might take only a few minutes if you follow these strategies.

Speaker Placement

Even magnetically shielded speakers can pick up odd electromagnetic signals that will make your Sony surround system rattle and hum. If the buzzing sound is coming from the front speakers, try separating the speakers a greater distance from the television and the subwoofer. An amplified sub with powerful magnets in particular could be interfering with the surround speakers.

Check Power Plugs

Home audio components typically use two-pronged polarised plugs on the power cords, although a few, particularly more powerful equipment, may use a three-prong grounded outlet. If both types are plugged into the same power strip or the same wall outlet, you can create a ground differential. This electrical imbalance can cause speaker hum when amplified through your receiver. One solution is to insert the three-prong ground plug into a two-prong AC adaptor. Check the owner's manuals or call the manufacturer to make sure it is safe to connect the equipment this way.

Grounding Issues

Improperly grounded satellite or cable TV connections can also cause hum. The way to identify this problem is to unscrew and remove the coaxial cable where it attaches to the cable TV or satellite box, a converter box if you use an old analogue tube TV, or the TV itself. If the speaker humming stops suddenly when the coax cable is detached, a bad ground wire in the system is likely to blame. This may require a replacement coaxial cable or other external repair that should be done by a qualified technician. Call the service provider for your cable or satellite system.

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