40th birthday party ideas for women

Throwing a birthday party for a woman turning 40 requires a lot of thought and care. Adequate planning is needed to assure that the birthday guest of honour is completely comfortable and is having a lot of fun.

Turning 40 is a sensitive topic for many women, while some women embrace it happily, so finding a neutral balance when throwing the party is a good idea.

Ladies Only

Make it a ladies-only night and have an old-fashioned sleepover. Rent a hotel room that has a hot-tub and decorate it with posters of beefy men and lots of pink and frilly items. Some ideas for pink things to bring to the hotel room can be sheet sets and pyjamas for all of the guests. Bring make-up kits and hair styling tools as well as manicure and pedicure sets. Stock the mini-fridge with plenty of champagne or your favourite drinks, and have a relaxing night. The birthday girl will enjoy the youthful gesture and may remember it for years to come.

Surprise Party

Plan a surprise party for the birthday girl and include mutual friends and family members; consider asking her spouse or significant other for ideas. If the woman is single, rely on mutual friends and your own judgment. Have the party at your home or at a restaurant and invite her over. Make sure she doesn't expect a party. Make it as large a celebration as you can by inviting everyone she cares about most, including children. One place to do this could be an Italian restaurant that offers giant spaghetti and meatball dinners. For a sweet ending, a creamy cannoli will tickle her fancy. Be creative and try not to focus too much on her age.

Party Abroad

Take the birthday girl and a handful of your closest mutual friends and hop aboard a cruise ship. Make it a surprise by telling the guest of honour you're merely going to a hotel suite to be pampered. She will be pleasantly surprised to take a miniature cruise up and down the East or West coasts. If you're not near an ocean, rent a party boat at your nearest lake and have a weekend-long 40th birthday beach bash. The point is to make it as memorable and as joyous as possible so the guest of honour will remember her 40th birthday as her best birthday ever.