Ideas to Use Rose Bowls In Centerpieces

Rose bowls are traditional floral vases that are made from clear lead crystal or glass in a globe shape with a weighted base. They come in various sizes from 6 to 12 inches in diameter and larger. Rose bowls have an open top that is smaller than the diameter of the widest part of the bowl.

This shape is designed to accommodate the long crossing stems of roses while supporting their large blooms at the top to easily form a rounded mound of roses.

Single and Mixed-Bloom Arrangements

Rose bowls showcase most blooms beautifully, and they are equally stunning whether filled with only one type of bloom or with a mixed arrangement of complementary or contrasting hues and textures. Greenery of all kinds can be used in rose bowls as background for the blooms at the top as well as submerged in the water and sweeping around the bowl. The combination of curved glass and water serves to magnify any greenery in the bowl and can give a lush and interesting effect. Use swirls of bear grass, ti leaves, layers of galyx leaves or even curly willow branches as another decorative layer and a useful anchor for flower stems in the rose bowl.

Floating Arrangements

The crystal clear curved glass of rose bowls, be they carved or plain, shows off the detail of roses in full bloom very well. Just a few exploded roses with their stems removed floating in a rose bowl filled one-third to one-half way up the sides with clean water would be a stunning and cost-effective centrepiece. Other flowers that would be stunning floating in a rose bowl are peonies, gardenias and dahlias.