Pirate Costume Ideas for Kids

If your child was a big fan of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and dreams to sail the high seas, then let him play pirate. According to Good Housekeeping, a pirate costume is one of the most popular kids costume to date. Parents magazine even touted it as one of the best store-bought costumes for babies and pirates.

Discover ways to change your kid into an adventurous buccaneer.

Decide on a Look

First, have your child decide what kind of pirate he wants to play. Because of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, Captain Jack Sparrow is a popular pirate costume for boys. There are also numerous general pirate costumes to choose from. Choose from a plethora of store-bought costumes. Or to customise your child's look, create your own pirate costume.

Handmade Costume Ideas

According to Home & Garden Television, you can easily create a homemade pirate costume without sewing. Buy a sweatshirt and sweatpants and use scissors to cut the sweatshirt in the shape of a vest. Cut the bottoms so they look tattered, rough and uneven. Pair this with a oversized, white cotton shirt.


Transform a good costume into a great costume with the detailed use of accessories. One of the most important accessories is the sword. Find a safe, plastic sword to match any pirate costume. Get a wide leather belt and use it as a sword placeholder.

Let her wear high boots, such as rain boots. Or look for boots made out of suede or leather. Look for details, such as fold-over cuffs, lace-up boots and buckles. For headpieces, a bandanna is an easy way to achieve the look. Go to a costume shop for a convincing pirate hat. Make your own eye patch and moustache out of felt or purchase them at a store. To finish the look, find some clip-on earrings.