Boys' Football Party Ideas

When planning a party with a football theme for boys, keep in mind that these are regularly active children that you are trying to keep entertained. Decorations and party favours are important, but if you don't keep them busy throughout the party it could mean the lose of your sanity and several pieces of furniture. There is no need to spend a lot of money on the party, just keep it entertaining and active.


It's a football party. Of course you will need football decorations. You can find many cool and inexpensive ideas at sporting goods stores. Many sell pennants with various team logs on them. You can put up posters of some of the more famous players. At you can find clever invitations that look like football game tickets, blow-up footballs and football-themed tableclothes. You can even customise a life-size cardboard cut-out of a football player.

Party Favors

The type of party favours you provide may depend on the reason for the party. Is it to watch and, hopefully, celebrate a big game on television? Is it purely a birthday party? Most school supply stores carry packets of pencils festooned with collegiate or professional football teams. At you can locate an assortment of party favours including key rings, travel cups, stickers and decals.


If you are partying while watching a game, it may not be as necessary to create diversions. But at a birthday party, you will need to keep boys busy. A football and some supplies from around the house can turn into fun games and competitions. Hang a hoop or a tire from a tree, or set up a target, and let the boys take turns trying to "complete" a pass. Set a garbage can a good distance away and see who can punt a football into the can. Use a tape measure to see who can hike the ball the farthest to win the long snapper competition. If you can manage to tire the boys out, have a movie or a classic football game on DVD that they can sit and watch aferward while having snacks, cake and ice cream or opening presents.

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