Happy Birthday Butterfly Cake Decorating Ideas

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For the next birthday celebration in your life, bake a butterfly-themed cake. Whether it's for a birthday party for a little girl, a butterfly collector or an entomologist, this attention-grabbing treat is sure to elicit plenty of oohs and ahhs from guests.

Choose from numerous ways to sculpt and decorate a butterfly cake.

Butterflies in Flight

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Send a butterfly or two flying across the cake by using them as cake toppers. Look online or in baking supply stores for small plastic butterflies. Or, create edible butterflies by making them out of fondant. A third option is butterfly flags. First, print out small brightly-coloured pictures of butterflies. Next, attach the pictures to toothpicks by piercing the paper with the toothpick. Finally, insert the flags into the icing on the cake.

Pretty Picture

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Ask at your favourite bakery or grocery store bakery about having a butterfly image put on the cake by professionals. You'll find most places can recreate almost any image you like, be it a picture of your daughter wearing her favourite butterfly shirt, a butterfly perched on a flower, a page from an encyclopedia showing different butterfly species, a group of butterflies in flight, an abstract butterfly shape, or your new butterfly tattoo. This professionally-made cake may be a little more pricey, but the impressive cakes will be worth the extra dollars.

Fun Form

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Try making a cake that's actually shaped like the winged insect and wow your birthday party guests. With only the fundamentals of baking knowledge, you can easily create this cake. A quick online search will provide you with several how-to guides, ranging from easy to intricate. Simply follow package directions to bake cakes, then follow the guide's instructions to cut, shape and frost to look like a big butterfly.

Apt Expression

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For a birthday party for a butterfly collector or entomologist, a cake inspired by the science of butterflies is sure to impress. Decorate the cake by writing scientific terms and phrases onto the cake. Look online or in an entomology dictionary and select a few words to use. For a small cake, pipe on the word only; for a large cake, include the definition. Examples include "Lepidoptera: the scientific name for a butterfly"; "Caterpillar: the second stage of butterfly metamorphosis"; "Crypsis: markings on the butterfly's body that allow it blend in with its environment"; and "Proboscis: the tubelike organ on the head of butterflies that they use to drink flower nectar." Pipe on a few icing butterflies flitting amid the words.