Design ideas for an l shaped living room

An L shaped living room offers design options that simple rectangular or square rooms do not. Consider adding a fireplace in the corner to improve your living space and a game area. You could also connect the two spaces with seating and the same wall colours and flooring. L shaped rooms also give you the option of separating the two to create an entryway or a private retreat.

Corner Fireplace

Design a fireplace in the corner of your L shaped living room as a focal point for both sections of the room. The longest section of the L can function as the main living area, with an entertainment centre on the same wall as the fireplace so you can arrange your seating to face them both. Consider adding a game table in the smaller section of the L, with bookshelves above cabinets along one wall. Comfortable seating around a window or facing the fireplace will create a reading nook and add to the functionality of the room. You could also hang a television above the fireplace.


If the small section of your L shaped living room has an entry door, then you can separate the two areas with a glass block wall or a double-sided water wall. Build a doorway in your glass block wall or create a doorway with a block wall on one side and a double waterfall on the other. You can build a glass block wall with the help of plastic spacers and clear silicone caulk; just stack the blocks with silicone on the top and the sides and the spacers will help the rows stay even and uniform. After the silicone dries, grout the crevices with a mortar-like grout made for glass block. To make a double-sided water wall, stand two sheets of Plexiglas back to back in two sealed planters. The planters are the reservoirs for the water and the waterfall pumps. Run plastic tubing between the acrylic all the way to the top; connect the two sheets of acrylic together with bent metal sheeting. You can use coloured acrylic or cover the front with river rock, slate or ceramic tile for a decorative accent. The wall will separate your L shaped room without blocking the light from either space. Decorate your living room as you like, and the entry way with complementary colours and accessories to the living room.


Tie the two sections of your L shaped living room together with corner seating, paint colour and flooring. Hardwood floors and the same colour walls throughout the space read as one room, not two separate areas. Place a table and two chairs in the corner of the L, to add seating in both sections. Build a bar along one wall in the smallest section and designate this space for quiet conversation with a loveseat and two comfortable chairs. The furniture and accessories should flow with the furniture in the larger L section, but doesn't have to match. Continue the seating in the living room with a sofa and a loveseat or more chairs around the entertainment centre or bay window, depending on your preference.

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