What to Wear to a Summer Funeral for Women

Attending a funeral or memorial service is not a particularly fun occasion, but most of us will, at one time or another, find ourselves in the position of wanting to pay our respects to a person who has died.

If you're a woman, choosing the correct outfit for a funeral might present a problem, such as whether to avoid trousers or bright colours. In summer, there are more questions regarding how covered up you should be, and what is appropriate summer funeral attire. The key to dressing properly is to remember to be respectful.

Clothing Advice

According to modernmom.com, a vital point to remember when dressing for a summer funeral are to keep your outfit sombre, dressy, dark and modest. In summer, it's natural to want to wear cheerful dresses with bright prints that show a little shoulder or maybe a bit more leg. For a memorial service or funeral, that is not your best bet.

In dressing for a summer funeral, keep your attire low-key and dignified. If you plan to wear a dress, a simple sheath in navy, brown, violet or burgundy would be appropriate. Add uncomplicated and small accessories if you like, but stay away from large, flashy baubles.

A dark skirt or slacks can be paired with a white or pastel blouse, with or without a sweater or jacket. Depending on the part of summer, and the time of day in which the funeral is taking place, a light jacket may help keep you warm.

If you don't have anything appropriate to wear in a dark hue, choose something in a neutral colour, like beige. Allfuneralhomes.com suggests that whatever you wear, it should not draw unnecessary attention. Clothes should look conservative and professional, and be clean and pressed.

The right clothes for a summer funeral will keep you covered up. It is not advisable to have bare shoulders; and short skirts are not considered respectful. Avoid wearing very high-heeled shoes--this is as much for your own comfort as for not drawing undue attention to your attire. Open-toed shoes and sandals are not considered appropriate for funerals. Instead, opt for pumps.

Certain religions have attire requirements for funerals, such as having your head covered. If you are unsure, tie a pretty scarf around your neck, which can be used to cover your head if necessary. Again, keep the colours neutral or dark, and skip the bright summer florals.