What to write on birthday cards for mums

Make a birthday card special by writing something personal for your mum.

Mums hold a special place in our hearts and in our lives. Birthday cards for mums should reflect this special bond. You shouldn't just write your signature on your mum's birthday card. Take the time to make the card more special by putting a birthday message on it. Your mum will know you took the time to really think about her birthday and to make it special.

Reason your mum is special

Think about all the different reasons your mum is special to you. Write down one or two reasons that your mum is special on her birthday card. An example could be, "I think you are special because you stay up late at night listening to me talk about my problems. Nothing I said was too trivial to try and help me solve."

Humorous shared memory

We all carry many stories from our past that are humorous. Write about a funny event that involves your mum. She will enjoy visiting the past and get a good laugh. An example could be, "I remember when you ate my burnt chocolate brownies without gagging. You smiled the whole time and suggested that next time we could bake a batch together."

Favourite activity

If you and your mum shared a favourite activity, write about that on her birthday card to let her know you still remember. For example, "Mum, I still remember every Halloween just the two of us would carve a pumpkin together. Every time I see a pumpkin, I think about those fun times."


Tell your mum on her birthday card why she is such a good friend of yours. Friendships with parents are very special; she'll enjoy reading why you treasure yours. An example could be, "Mum, you're my best friend because I can still share all my secrets with you. There is no one I trust more than you."


Short poems are special to write on birthday cards for mums. Think about all the different activities and reasons your mum is special. Write a poem from the heart. Don't worry about it rhyming or being perfect. Your mum will feel the love that flows from it and treasure it for years to come. Even if you just write a few lines, she will know it comes from the heart.


A short joke on birthday cards for mum is a good way to add humour to her birthday. Everyone enjoys a good laugh. Find a joke or make-up one that is related to activities or hobbies your mum likes.

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