How to Use a Dremel in Woodcarving

Since the dawn of time, woodsmiths have been woodcarving, both as a hobby and as a profession. However, today the Dremel tool seems to be replacing the wooden mallet and gouges of old. Instead of smelling the fresh wood shavings, the woodworking shop is filled with the hum of the Dremel tool, and the smell of sawdust. The ease of use and the seemly limitless amount of accessories make the Dremel ideal for woodcarving projects of all sizes.

When using a Dremel tool for woodcarving, it is best to fasten the Dremel rotary tool into a Dremel rotary tool work station and to attach the Dremel flexible shaft to the Dremel tool.

Setting up the workbench for woodcarving with a Dremel tool is simple and easy. If working inside a home, work on a hard floor or place a small canvas under the work area. It is also advisable to use a flexible table lamp, which can be moved to give the best light when carving the wood project. Having a small shop vac handy will allow you to continually keep the woodcarving clean of sawdust.

Before starting to carve any wood project such as wooden bowls, animals, toys or wooden doll house furniture, get used to holding the flexible Dremel tool attachment. Getting used to and gaining control of the flex attachment before starting on the main woodcarving will insure a beautifully handcrafted carving.

Depending on the type of wood stock being used for the carving, have nearby several Dremel tool saw blades and high-speed cutter bits. The Dremel saw blades are for cutting the large pieces of wood, which may need to be removed to gain the rough outline of the carving. Once the large wood pieces have been removed, you are ready to get down to business carving your finished project.

A secret some woodcarvers have found when using a Dremel tool for woodcarving is to have several sanding drum attachments handy. The sand drum attachments work wonders for shaving the wood stock down so you can do the finish work with the high-speed cutters.

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