Design Ideas for a Small Contemporary Garden

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Contemporary gardens have become popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. This type of garden utilises clean lines and focuses on materials such as rendered walls, stone and hardwoods. Contemporary gardens are bold, yet simple.

Modern housing with small gardens work well as settings for the contemporary garden.

Lighting Effects

Consider the lighting in your small contemporary garden. Sometimes a garden is surrounded by walls that reflect light. Other gardens are dark, so synthetic lighting might brighten the area up. Professional gardeners often use LED lighting in small contemporary gardens. This particular type of lighting has a soft glow and doesn't require too much energy. Try adding LED lighting around shrubs or favourite plants or along your garden path.

Contemporary Urban Gardens

Consider space and privacy as you create a contemporary garden in an urban area. Tall plants lining walls offer privacy from close neighbours and walkways. If you want to create an illusion of space, keep plans at a minimal cost and focus more on hard landscaping. One trick in creating a feeling of spaciousness is to change the materials and levels that go underfoot. Add visual interest and define spaces by using different types of paving. You could use paving such as wood, tiles or brick. Add quiet spaces to your garden by providing chairs or benches in designated locations.

Low-maintenance Contemporary Garden

If you are away from home a lot or don't have an instinct for garden maintenance, consider creating a low-maintenance contemporary garden. You do this by creating a garden space that is easy to care for, but is still interesting enough for you to spend time in. Divide the space in your garden so it doesn't look like a boring rectangle or square. Make a small path using stones or tile or brick so you can meander through the garden. Try lining the pathway with tall, see-through plants to soften the look. Plants such as verbena work in a low-maintenance contemporary garden because it adds colour and shade. Add plants that come back year after year so you don't have to continue planting. Pick a few plants that might add colour to your contemporary garden, once again picking ones that blossom every year. If you want to add shape to your contemporary garden, consider planting some hedges to fill in dull areas. Box hedges require little trimming.