What Does a Sucker Fish Eat?

You can't feed all your fish the same foods--some breeds need different nutrients. Sucker fish, known as plecostomus or plecos, are primarily omnivores. Their diet should consist of a diet high in fiber and low in protein. Plecos can benefit from different foods and thrive with a healthy diet.

It is necessary to feed plecos more than the basics. Provide your pleco with the proper balance of foods and it will thrive.

Plant Life

Wood provides essential fiber for plecos. Driftwood and bog wood are great sources of fiber and are easy for them to chew. They receive basic nutrients from natural algae on plant life in the aquarium.


Fruits can be used to provide variety in how plecos receive their fiber. Any fleshly, soft fruit such as cantaloupe, peaches, plums and bananas are good choices.


You can blanch vegetables to soften the texture, making it easier for the pleco to eat. Leafy vegetables like romaine and spinach are high in essential nutrients. Zucchini, squash, cucumber and similar high-fiber vegetables should be fed to plecos. These types of vegetables should be peeled.


Use frozen worms, shrimp and scraps of fish sparingly. Plecos' diets should be low in protein.

Sinking Food

Plecos spend much of their time on the bottom of aquariums. Floating food will take a while to get to them. Sinking shrimp and algae pellets or tablets can be used for daily feeding.