Moroccan garden ideas

Moroccan gardens are a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space. A Moroccan style garden combines plants, fruit trees and seating to create a calming and contemplative setting.

Transforming an area in a garden or just to the side of a deck or veranda will make an additional entertainment area for guests as well as a private area to enjoy a cup of coffee.


The style of Moroccan gardens incorporates copper, fire, fruit trees and water. Vivid colours and colourful seating round out the Moroccan design. There are many ideas to choose from when creating a Moroccan garden. Choose green foliage such as potted palm trees, ferns and rubber plants. Small citrus trees in pots are also part of a Moroccan garden. Lemon and lime trees are the preferred citrus tree.

Copper lanterns hanging from shepherd's hooks along the perimeter of the garden gives ambient lighting to accent the mysterious look to Moroccan gardens. Placing a slightly different style of lantern along the path to the Moroccan garden gives the visitors an anticipatory glimpse of what is to come. Paths will be paved with small white rock and brightly coloured square tiles in a random pattern within the white rock.


Once inside the Moroccan garden, one or more low tables with coloured cushions for seating are placed in the centre of the garden area or located off to the side. Typically, straw mats tied together and staked into the ground with small garden hooks are used for flooring inside the garden to keep dirt off the visitors.

Low tables made with mosaic tiles on the top of the table or making a table by putting a mirror framed in 2.5 by 5 cm (1 by 2 inch) boards attached to small 10 by 10 cm (4 by 4 inch) blocks of wood at each corner for the legs adds elegance to the area. A small copper fire pit located in the Moroccan garden is also a common feature.

Additional Ideas

A tentlike gazebo with brightly coloured cloth panels in the corners is equally impressive for a Moroccan garden. Completing the garden includes a water feature as a mosaic birdbath or trickling fountain. A sound of splashing water is a calming effect.

Moroccan gardens add additional living space outdoors, which is preferred for those who enjoy being outdoors. Other ideas to think about are birdcages, wrought iron gates and small bowls of flower petals floating in water. This type of garden can be customised for any individual taste because there are so many styles to choose from.