Hi, I'm Bob Linde, I'm an acupuncturist and herbalist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, we're going to talk about how to take essential oil of lemon grass, internally. And we need to get a few things together. Personally, although you can use the essential oil internally, I like to use the fresh lemon grass. I'm lucky enough to be able to grow this here in Florida, in my own backyard. In order to make a wonderful tea with this. But, if you're going to do the essential oil, we need to get nice, organic essential oil of lemon grass and then, some cold, clean water. In order to dilute it in, so that you can take it safely. If you're going to work with the fresh lemon grass, we want to just go ahead and get a pair of scissors. So that we can chop it up in a small enough container. Then we can make a great, yummy tea out of it. So, once we get those ingredients together, we can go ahead and place the water, about a cup, into a glass. And use no more than five drops of the essential oil, diluted into your cold for your water. Once you've done that, give it a good stir, and you can go ahead and drink one to two cups of that, a day. We can use that, sometimes it's used as an anti-parasitic, it's often times used for Candida and it's actually a very powerful diuretic. There's currently some research that's showing that lemon grass tea can even be effective for certain types of cancers, particular in the lower part of the body. Such as the colon, the prostrate, as well as the bladder. So, although I wouldn't rely on it as a single stand alone treatment, cancer's a serious disease, as are all the other conditions. And you should consult a medical professional. It is safe to make lemon grass tea on your own. And with a little bit caution, you can use the essential oils, as essential oils are very strong and very concentrated. And some people will have an adverse reaction to it. So, if you have any problems drinking the essential oil, do stop immediately. And you might try to just make a little bit of fresh tea. So, let's go ahead and make some lemon grass, and mix the water and the essential oils together, stir it up and drink it. And let's make some tea as well, and chop up some of our fresh lemon grass and pour some nice boiling water over it. And I like to drink it cold, I find it a summer, refreshing drink. Just cools me off, in the heat of the day, here in Florida summers. So, grow your lemon grass, if you're lucky enough to be in a place that you can grow it. You can grow it indoors or you can go ahead buy it dry, still make a great tea out of it. Or, you can use your essential oils carefully, internally and enjoy your herbs.